Why You Must Take A Mud Therapy - The Secret Of Nature!

by Sevadham Plus | Category Naturopathy | Apr 21, 2018


In the ancient Ayurvedic tradition, the core elements of the universe – including both the Earth and Water – play a very important role in the treatment of disease and maladies. Thus, it is perhaps no surprise that mud – the most basic form of Earth in our daily lives – has been used in so many different Naturopathy treatments for centuries. Mud therapy really is the secret of nature, and the benefits of mud therapy are incredible.

Before getting started with mud therapy, you should know that there are two basic forms of this treatment – the mud bath and the mud pack. When you visit an Naturopathy centre or clinic, you should have a basic understanding of how these two treatment options are different.

The mud bath

As you might imagine, the mud bath therapy is best for treating problems that impact the entire body. Thus, a mud bath is great for treating circulation problems, reducing stress or hypertension and regulating your body’s metabolism (including digestion problems).

The real secret to the mud bath is that it is so refreshing and revitalizing. The mud retains its coolness and moisture for a long time. While the mud bath is cooling and invigorating your body, it is also absorbing toxic substances from your body and helping to get rid of them. You’ll feel your body’s skin pores feeling almost magically relaxed and your entire body will experience a new sense of calm and serenity.

The mud pack

The mud pack treatment is better for problems affecting just one part of the body. The mud pack is similar to a cold compress, in that it can reduce the inflammation and swelling that comes from certain joint and muscle problems, as well as from skin wounds. But the mud pack is superior in one important regard from a cold compress – it also exposes your body to the restorative elements of the mud itself. For this reason, mud packs have long been known as important factors in different skin ailments and skin diseases that can benefit from the mineral content of the mud itself.

The secret of the mud

And so it is really the mud that is the secret to unlocking the true power of this Naturopathy treatment. Not all mud is created the same. Soil in one part of the world can be very different from soil in another part of the world, due to a wide range of factors such as the minerals in the ground, or the types of flora and fauna that exist in different parts of the world. And there is a real art to purifying the Earth – you simply can’t take the dirt in your backyard and expect it to have the same benefits as mud that has been specifically dried, purified and filtered to remove any harmful impurities.

As you can see, there are many benefits of mud therapy. Whether it is a mud bath or a mud pack, you will be able to experience the true power of the Earth itself in healing and revitalizing your body. If you have never done so before, you simply must take a mud therapy at least once to try this ancient Naturopathy for yourself.

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