What Do You Know About The Ayurvedic Treatment For Slip Disc-Here Is 6 Facts?

by Sevadham Plus | Category Ayurveda | Feb 20, 2018


The discs are protective shock-absorbing pads between the bones of the spine. Although they do not actually “slip” a disc may split or rupture. It is usually due to age-related degeneration of the annulus fibrosus.

Ayurveda offers a very tangible alternative that works in almost any case of a slipped disc. Here are 6 Facts about Ayurvedic Treatment for Slipped Disc:

  1. Ayurvedic treatment is a good way to Restore the basic functional strength of your body. They help in strengthening the supportive tissues that hold your spine, release the muscular spasm and nerve compression and they nourish the joints by and relieve pain.
  2. There are many Ayurvedic medicines for Slip Disc, but the Ayurvedic therapies those treat slipped discs effectively are Kativasti, Abhyanga, Kizhi and Dhanyamla Dhara.
  3. In Kativasti, medicated oils are drop on your back to treat the slipped disc condition. It has no side effects and with gentle massage even safer for heart patients.
  4. Abhyanga, harmonizes the imbalance in the body due to Vata, provides vitality to the bones, tissues, ligaments, reduces pain, enhances healing capacity, removes fatigue and relaxes your body and mind.
  5. Kizhi rejuvenates your body, improves blood circulation throughout the body, removes muscular fatigue, alleviates mental stress and effectively helps treat herniated disk condition as well as other joint ailments or injuries.
  6. Dhanyamla Dhara relieves body ache and muscular spasms by boosting blood circulation. It revitalizes your body and enhances immune system immensely.

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