Weight Loss With The Best Ayurvedic Treatment in Delhi

by Sevadham Plus | Category Ayurvedic | Dec 30th, 2017


Are you feeling disappointed after going through all those diets, only to find yourself back to square one? It can be frustrating, no question about that. Losing weight is no easy task. In fact, it is one of the most frustrating processes that a person can experience, especially if you’re an avid foodie!

Having tried many different diets, sometimes you feel like you’ve already exhausted all your options - but you haven’t. We live in a culture where every week a new diet makes the headlines claiming to be the one, better than all the others, that will definitely help you lose weight in no time. As the time goes by, we start to be skeptical about all those diets and claims they make.

The difference between Ayurvedic approach all those diets you see on TV and the internet is that Ayurveda isn’t just another diet. It’s a way of life.

Why Ayurveda
Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old medical system, one of the oldest in the world that is still practiced. Ayurveda helps people achieve optimal health, and that includes weight management as well. That being said, Ayurveda is your best choice for weight loss because it focuses not only on the aesthetical aspect of your body, but on your overall health as well. Because of its holistic approach to weight loss, if done correctly, Ayurveda can help you shed those extra pounds for good, without the notorious yo-yo effect.

4 Ayurveda Tips for Long-Term Weight Loss

#1 Follow a Kapha-Pacifying Diet
What is Kapha? Kapha dosha is the soft but strong energy force within your body, comprised of both the Water and Earth. When Kapha is in disbalance, this can reflect on your weight as well. As an energy and biological force, its most important functions include support, nourishment, lubrication and strength. Fruits that pacify kapha will generally be only mildly sweet like apples and pears. Vegetables are also an important centerpiece of an effective kapha-pacifying diet

#2 Go to bed early, wake up early
According to Ayurveda, sunlight is an important factor for overall physical and psychological well-being. That also includes going to bed relatively early, around 10PM, and waking up at 6AM when the sun rising. This is beneficial for balancing out the hormones and tapping into your natural rhythm which can in turn help you lose weight more quickly and permanently.

#3 Eat your largest meal for lunch
Lunch is the time when your body is at its optimal digestive strength, and it capable of taking in larger amounts of food. Therefore, you should ideally have your lunch anywhere between 11AM and 2PM.

#4 Consume 3 meals per day
Eating a satisfying portion of each meal is important, because you will only make matters worse if you start starving yourself. Starving doesn’t lead anywhere. Yes, you may actually lose a few pounds, but most of those pounds will be water - and that’s not what you should be losing. You have to eat moderately, but without starving yourself. Listen to your body: when you feel that your stomach is full, you should stop. Also, do not eat after 7PM in order to allow your stomach to digest properly before going to bed.

Remember: long-term weight loss is a journey, and as every journey it has its ups and downs. Stay motivated and persistent throughout this journey and your body will reward you. Visit us for the best Ayurvedic treatment in Delhi and start your journey today!


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