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This treatment aims to provide optimum rejuvenation to eyes. Dough of Urad (black gram) is put around the eye ball in such a way that a dam like appearance is seen. Then herbal medicated ghee is put in this groove to lubricate eye and surrounding areas which will be kept warm for 30 – 35 minutes. This provides improved vision with beautiful eyes and strengthening of eye tissues.

Types of Tarpana:-

01. Akshi Tarpana:-

This is a gentle eye treatment, for the purpose of the therapeutic of this procedures advocated in clients suffering from eye disease.

Benefits of Akshi Tarpana:-

It helpful in curing darkness in front of the eyes, stiffness and dryness of the eyes, and disease of the eyes such as swollen, painful eyes, watering of the eyes and cranial nerve pathology of eyes.
The treatment is continued for seven to 21 days for duration of 30 to 45 minutes.

02. Nasa Tarpana:-

Dropping of Medicated oil in to the nostrils is known as nasa tarpana.


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