Skin Disease

Skin Disease

In Ayurveda, it (Eczema / Psoriasis / Sclap psoriasis / Urticaria / Skin Infection) can be categorised under Twak vikara Lakshanas

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Foods that cause skin diseases (Eczema / Psoriasis / Sclap psoriasis / Urticaria / Skin Infection):-

  1. Viruddha Ahara – incompatible food combinations
  2. Intake of food mostly containing Hayanaka, Yavaka (low variant of barley)
  3. Uddalaka (a variant of black gram)
  4. Koradusa(Various kinds of classical grains) along with milk, curd, buttermilk
  5. horsegram, black gram and oil
  6. Intake of radish and garlic with milk
  7. Continuous intake of aquatic and marshy flesh with milk
  8. Use of Pippali, Kakmachi, Lakucha with curd and ghee
  9. Use of Meat of deer with milk
  10. Use of radish with jiggery
  11. Excessive use of alcohol with milk
  12. Intake of articles having sour taste with milk
  13. Excessive use of green vegetables with milk
  14. Intake of honey and meat after taking hot diet and vice-versa
  15. Use of fish,lemon and milk together
  16. Excessive use of newer grains, curd, fish, sour and salty eatables
  17. Excess use of sesame seeds, milk and jaggery
  18. Read more about such wrong food combinations

Habits that cause skin diseases: (Eczema / Psoriasis / Sclap psoriasis / Urticaria / Skin Infection)

  1. Physical exercise and taking sun bath after heavy meals
  2. Sexual intercourse during indigestion
  3. Regular sleep in the day
  4. To do exercise or to perform sexual intercourse after Snehapana (internal oleation) and Vamana (emesis)
  5. Entering into cold water immediately after one is affected with fear exhaustion and sunlight
  6. Withholding of the natural urges

Mental activities which leads to Skin Disease (Eczema / Psoriasis / Sclap psoriasis / Urticaria / Skin Infection)

  1. Insulting wise men, teachers and other respectable persons
  2. Use of money or material acquired by unfair means
  3. Censuring or killing Virtuous persons

Premonitory symptoms of Skin Disease (Eczema / Psoriasis / Sclap psoriasis / Urticaria / Skin Infection)

  1. Aswedanam(decreased sweating) or Atiswedanam (excess sweating)
  2. Parushyam(roughness of the skin)
  3. Vaivarnyam (discoloration of the skin)
  4. Kandu (itching)
  5. Suptata(numbness)
  6. Paridaha (mild burning)
  7. Klama(fatigue)
  8. Signs and symptoms of eczema
  9. Kandu (itching)
  10. Pidika (blisters)
  11. Shyava (bluish black discoloration)
  12. Srava (oozing)
  13. Ruja (pain)
  14. Ruksha (dryness)
  15. Rakta (redness/bleeding)
  16. Vrana (ulceration)

The Line of treatment would be:-

Scientifically treatments have been classified as:-

  1. Shodhana Chikitsa
  2. Shaman Chikitsa

(a) Shodhana Chikitsa

When doshas are vitated in large guantity & disease is chronic then shodhan chikitsa should apply first. Acharyas have classified shodhana as:-

  1. Basti Karma
  2. Vaman Karma
  3. Virechana Karma
  4. Nasya Karma
  5. Raktamokshana (Blood letting)

(b) Shaman Chikitsa

When doshas are minimally imbalanced & the body is weak. Shaman Treatment is more important. Shaman treatment can be classified as external & internal. Administration of proper food, medicines by mouth is internal treatment & the application of medicated oil, lepa (ointment), etc is external treatment.

External application Skin Disease (Eczema / Psoriasis / Sclap psoriasis / Urticaria / Skin Infection)

  1. Among topical preparations
  2. Lepa – cream application
  3. Parisheka – sprinkling of liquids over the lesions
  4. Avachurana – dusting with powder
  5. Avagahana – dipping the affected part in medicated liquid
  6. Dhuma – fumigation of the affected skin part

These have been mentioned in the management of all types of Kushtha.

Wholesome diet and habits Skin Disease (Eczema / Psoriasis / Sclap psoriasis / Urticaria / Skin Infection)

  1. Laghu Anna (Light food)
  2. Tikta Shaka(Bitter vegetables)
  3. Purana Dhanya(Older grains)
  4. Jangala Mamsa (Flesh of desert animals)
  5. Mudga(Greengram)
  6. Patola(snake gourd)
  7. Shali-Shastika – rice harvested in 60 days
  8. Yava – barley
  9. Godhuma – wheat etc
  10. In cold countries, for those people who are allergic to gluten, wheat might not be ideal

Unwholesome diet and habits inSkin Disease (Eczema / Psoriasis / Sclap psoriasis / Urticaria / Skin Infection)

  1. Guru anna (heavy food intake) – causes indigestion and imbalance of Kapha, leading to worsening of itching
  2. Dugdha (excess of milk and dairy products) – causes Kapha increase, leading to itching and excessive secretion
  3. Amla Rasa (Sour food) – causes pitta imbalance
  4. Dadhi (curd) – causes pitta increase
  5. Anupa Mansa(Marshy flesh)
  6. Matsya(Fish)
  7. Guda (Jaggery)
  8. Tila(Seasame)
  9. Kulattha (Horse gram)
  10. Masha(Black gram)
  11. Vidahi Anna(Spicy food)
  12. Ikshu Vikara (Sugarcane derivatives)
  13. Lavana (Salty food)


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