Mardana means pressing hard or rubbing and also includes other procedures like manipulation of muscles and joints. Also known as Vishesh, this is a deeper muscular massage that breaks up adhesions and compromised circulation deep within the muscles. A vigorous, rhythmic therapy using herbal Samya Ayurveda oils specific to your current imbalances, this massage is designed to press more thoroughly into the tissues and muscles the healing and rejuvenating potency contained in the Ayurvedic oils.

Performing the message with the application of more pressure after anointing the body with oil referred by the name mardana.
The treatment is continued for seven to 10 days for duration of 30 to 45 minutes.

It's Benefits

Mardana done regularly is believed to strengthen the immune system as well as help prevent Pitta based health problems from occurring in the future. It is balancing to all the doshas but works more specifically on Pitta. It helps release repressed anger, frustrations and emotions. This therapies breaks up adhesions, stimulates lymphatic flow, and guides deep seated impurities out of the body.

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