Is Shirodhara the Best All-in-One Alternate Treatment Today? 11 Big Benefits

by Sevadham Plus | Category Ayurveda | June 05, 2018


In the Western medical tradition, there is simply no known equivalent to Shirodhara treatment, which consists of gently pouring oil over the forehead of a person in order to treat ailments associated with the body’s nervous system. The term Shirodhara derives from the ancient Sanskrit words “Shiro” (head) and “dhara” (flow) – and these two words perfectly describe what happens during this ancient Ayurvedic treatment. Anyone who is feeling tense, anxious or depressed can take advantage of Shirodhara treatment benefits. Shirodhara can help to alleviate all of the symptoms found below:

1: Anxiety and stress

The act of pouring oil on your forehead can have an immediate impact on the body’s anxiety and stress levels, leaving a person feeling more mindful and relaxed. If you are experiencing fear, insecurity or doubts, Shirodhara could be for you.

2: Headaches

Shirodhara specifically targets the area of the forehead where many nerves are located. As a result, the process can help to relieve headaches and other discomfort in the head and neck area.

3: Hypertension

Especially when used as part of the more elaborate Panchakarma treatment process, Shirodhara can dramatically reduce the body’s blood pressure and alleviate the typical signs of hypertension. If you are looking to prevent or ward off the types of chronic disease caused by hypertension - such as heart disease - you may want to find a well-regarded Shirodhara treatment center in India. You may choose us, we are one of the oldest Ayurvedic hospital in Delhi.


Ayurvedic medical practitioners now have a much better idea of what causes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and it’s now believed that PTSD result from a body’s excess of vata dosha. So in order to make full use of Shirodhara treatment benefits, it’s important to combine certain herbs in the oil in order to restore the body’s dosha balance.

5: Insomnia and related sleep disorders

If combined with milk and special herbs, the oil used in Shirodhara can help to stimulate parts of the body responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. By doing so, you can correct any imbalances, and reduce the likelihood of suffering from insomnia.

6: Jet lag

Similar to the way it acts on the body’s sleep-wake cycle, Shirodhara treatment can also help to reset the body’s natural rhythms when you travel. Especially if traveling through multiple time zones, Shirodhara can help to get your body back on its regular cycle sooner than you ever thought possible. In fact, some travelers like to take along some of the vata oil used in Shirodhara in order to apply it to their forehead as soon as they arrive in their new destination.

7: Fatigue

While many people assume that fatigue is a purely physical phenomenon, Ayurvedic practitioners have known for centuries that fatigue is caused by a unique mix of mental, emotional and spiritual factors as well.

8: Depression

Many recipients of Shirodhara treatment report a lightening of their mood, and a reduction in feelings of gloom, pessimism and depression.

9: Anger and irritability

Feelings such as anger, irritability and frustration are common signs of your body’s pitta dosha being out of balance. Our Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment center in Delhi can help to devise a unique treatment customized for your body that will bring you back into balance.

10: Mood disorders

If you find your mood rapidly shifting from euphoria to depression and then back to euphoria, one way to smooth out these mood swings and mood disorders is with Shirodhara treatment, which can result in lasting feelings of pleasure and relaxation.

11: Low energy

There may be various reasons in your life why you are feeling low in energy. It could be part of a natural aging process. Or your daily listlessness might result from emotional and mental imbalances. A trained Shirodhara practitioner can help to remove these imbalances and boost your overall energy levels.

For centuries, Ayurvedic practitioners have known about the calming and restorative powers of Shirodhara. Based on long experience, it now appears that many of the ailments typically associated with modernity - such as an overall feeling of stress and anxiety - can be alleviated or eliminated entirely with the proper Shirodhara treatment.

Apart from this amazing Shirodhara there are other 8 Dharas Practiced in Ayurveda to treat chronic ailments.


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