If You Are Planning on Losing Weight This Summer, Naturopathy Offers the Best Solution

by Sevadham Plus | Category Naturopathy | May 02, 2018


The search for natural ways to lose weight is one of the key reasons why naturopathy is gaining so many fans around the world. Weight loss in naturopathy is not only easy and natural, but also enjoyable. Naturopathy centres specializing in a mix of diet and exercise solutions are especially popular in the summertime.

1. Take advantage of changes to your metabolism

In many ways, summer is the perfect time to lose weight. The days are longer and the weather is better, so you are naturally inclined to spend more time outdoors being active. Moreover, with warmer weather, you will naturally experience a slowdown in your body’s metabolism, meaning that you can begin to cut back on your daily caloric intake. You no longer crave heavy, rich foods that are high in calories.

2. Unlock your body’s natural potential

Best of all, as the name implies, naturopathy is completely natural. Soaking in the sun’s healthy rays will help to unlock your brain’s own neurotransmitters as well as stimulate production of Vitamin D – no chemicals or medication required. And the loss of appetite is also completely natural, sparked by your body’s reaction to the changing seasons. This is a natural weight loss program provided by Mother Nature!

3. Change your dietary mix

With naturopathy, it is very easy to change your diet. Summer means fresh fruits and vegetables popping up everywhere – including your backyard. When grilling fish or chicken, it’s easy to add in some additional tomatoes, onions, peppers or zucchini. That’s why many naturopathy treatments for weight loss prescribe new diet regimens that are not just good for your waist line, but they also taste great! Many meals, in fact, don’t require any cooking whatsoever. There’s nothing more enjoyable and tasty than a summer salad of fresh vegetables or fruit.

4. Exercise outdoors

And there’s one more reason why naturopathy is so effective during the summertime months for losing weight – it encourages physical activity of all kinds, and especially activity that can be enjoyed outdoors. In India, where naturopathy is especially popular, it’s not uncommon to see people taking their yoga mats outdoors where they can enjoy yoga in the fresh air and warm sunshine.

5. Explore the synergistic properties of herbs and supplements

And, finally, naturopathy centres are able to help guide patients to special medicinal herbs and supplements that might be hard to find in your local supermarket. You can think of these herbs as the little extra “boost” for your naturopathy routine. It all starts with good diet, of course, but even the best diets sometimes need supplements.


The key to losing weight is decreasing the number of calories you are eating every day, while simultaneously adhering to an exercise program that can help to keep you active so that you can burn off any excess calories. That’s why natural weight loss is so effective – it addresses both factors in a way that fits easily into your lifestyle. And that’s especially true during the summer months, when you likely have much fewer work and personal life obligations, and you can focus completely on your weight loss goals.


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