How Hypothyroidism Can Be Best Treated in Naturopathy Centres in India? 5 Facts!

by Sevadham Plus | Category Naturopathy | Apr 28, 2018


Hypothyroidism, most commonly known as “an underactive thyroid,” is a condition that is difficult to treat with traditional medication. That’s because the thyroid is extraordinarily sensitive, and over-stimulating it with medication could cause permanent harm to your body’s metabolism. What’s needed is an alternative, natural and non-invasive approach that can get your thyroid back to normal. That’s why so many people are turning to naturopathy treatments for thyroid conditions.

1. Personalize and customize your treatment

Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine that uses diet, exercise and massage to get the body back into sync. You can think of it as a natural form of healing that gives your body the extra little boost it needs to restore any imbalance. Since hypothyroidism causes such widespread changes to your metabolism, it is very important to customize treatments for each individual patient. That’s something that is simply much harder to do with prescription medicines.

As a general rule, naturopathy centres in India will take a complete analysis of all of your hypothyroidism symptoms and then develop a personalized, tailored approach that will restore your body’s metabolic imbalances. Certain symptoms of hypothyroidism – such as a general sluggishness and malaise – can often be mapped to specific nutrients that are missing from your diet.

2. Improve your diet

One cornerstone of thyroid treatment in naturopathy is making a change to your diet. Key elements – especially iodine - may be missing from your diet. Your goal is to replace them in a way that won’t overtax your thyroid. Some of the foods that are known to help correct hypothyroidism include wild-caught fish (think salmon or mackerel), coconut oil, seaweed and kelp, probiotics, and high-fiber foods. In addition, water intake is an essential part of keeping your body’s metabolism healthy, and so many naturopathy practitioners will recommend that you increase the uptake of water on not just a daily, but also hourly basis.

3. Boost your exercise routine

Moreover, naturopathy centres in India will generally recommend a light- to medium-intensity exercise program as part of a naturopathy treatment for thyroid. The goal here is to stimulate the thyroid to produce more of its important hormones. And to make sure that these hormones are evenly distributed throughout the body, a massage program will generally complement any exercise program.

4. Treat the root cause not just the symptoms

The important point to keep in mind here is that there is a fundamental difference in how traditional medicine and naturopathy practitioners approach hypothyroidism. The goal of traditional medicine is to suppress the symptoms of the condition – such as lethargy, depression and fatigue. However, naturopathy focuses much more on addressing the root causes of this condition and recognizing that an imbalance in the mind and body may be the cause. When you address this imbalance, that is when you can start on your path to recovery.


Naturopathy centres in India are able to treat men and women of all ages, but they are particularly strong at helping the most common victims of hypothyroidism: women over the age of 60. Special treatments have been formulated specifically with this group of people in mind. Thus, as you can see, hypothyroidism can best be treated in naturopathy centres in India. At Sevadham-Plus we take the pride treating thyroid from the root. You can learn more about it here. We are one of the oldest naturopathy centres in Delhi, since 1994.


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