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by Sevadham Plus | Category Ayurvedic | Dec 29th, 2017


Happy New Year everybody! What more can we wish to our readers and patients than health? As the saying goes, a healthy person has many wishes, but a sick person has only one wish - and that’s to get better as soon as possible. That’s true on so many levels. A mere headache can throw you off for the entire day, and all you’re thinking about is how to get rid of it. Other things start to look irrelevant compared to the pain that’s holding you down.

Given that most of us have been overindulging ourselves during the festive season, it’s also good to do a little detox every now and then, which is why we’ve gathered these useful tips from our ayurvedic clinic in Delhi:

Sip lukewarm water throughout the day
Water is the best healer and the best drink you can have. Instead of drinking cold juices and coffee, switch to lukewarm water, even if just for a day. Water can flush the toxins from your system better than anything. In addition to that, sometimes we don't even realize we’re dehydrated until it’s too late.

Avoid canned and processed food whenever you can
Fresh food is the best, no doubt about that. Processed and canned foods contain chemicals and preservatives that our body isn’t equipped to deal with, and which end up being processed as toxins. The buildup of toxins is bad, especially in the long-term, and it can trigger certain symptoms and diseases. Canned food is previously heated to very high temperatures, which leads to harmful chemicals like BPA being released into the food itself. In fact, BPA is found in almost 90% of canned foods.

Practice meditation and mindfulness
Most of our days pass by without us even realizing it. Everyday chores, job, and stress eat away most of our day. Modern and hectic lifestyles take their toll, and our health is usually the first line of defense. Mindfulness and meditation are not only good for calming down our nerves. Science has confirmed that mindfulness and meditation techniques have a far-reaching effect on both our mental and our physical health.

If it’s safe enough to eat, it’s safe for your skin as well
Skincare is just as important as your diet. People always forget that our skin is a living and breathing organ, in fact, the biggest one of our body. Therefore, it’s important to treat it right. Using commercial skincare products may be tempting, but remember that most of them are laden with chemicals that are actually harmful, and the pleasant smell comes from the mix of chemicals, not from nature. The best way to know what to put on your skin is to ask yourself: is it safe enough to eat? If not, that you should probably not put it on your skin either.


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