Hair Fall

Do you often face one of those mornings where your bathe drain is blocked because of all the hair you’re shedding?

It is true that losing hair is really heart breaking and the sight of seeing yourself going bald during your heydays is really a nightmare.

When was the last time you ran your brush through your hair without worrying about hair fall? Or woke up in the morning, not checking for loose strands on your pillow?

Hair Loss is fast becoming a universal problem and people are frantically trying to find solutions to control their hair loss and perhaps regain lost hair.

Most people think about preventing hair loss only after they have lost a lot of it. But if you start early (like when you still have a head full of hair) it works out a lot easier both emotionally and financially. In fact, the truth is - preventing hair loss is a simpler process than treating hair loss.

Hair fall is a common problem that people face these days. Now, hair loss can be due to various reasons as:-

  1. Hectic life we hardly get any time to maintain a beauty regime.
  2. Unhealthy lifestyle and bad food habits add to the problem.
  3. Junk food Item.
  4. Lack of vitamins, minerals or iron in the body.
  5. Age, pollution, heredity, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and illness.
  6. Long-standing diseases like typhoid, viral infections, anemia, surgery etc. cause general debility which leads to hair fall.
  7. Some medicines like birth-control pills, anti-depressants etc. including those used for gout, during chemotherapy against cancer, etc. cause hair fall.
  8. Heredity, Dandruff or fungal infection of scalp causes hair fall.
  9. Accumulation of dirt on scalp causes blocking of pores and weakens hair roots. This leads to hair fall

Normally, the dead hair decays at the rate of 70 to 80 strands per day. The rate of decay increases in the rainy and damp season. A rate of fall or decay greater than this is considered alarming and such a situation may be termed as hair loss.

Ayurvedic Classification of Hair

01. Hair of People with Vata Constitution

The hair of people with predominantly vata type of constitution is generally dark, coarse, wiry, inky, and frizzy. Such type of hair gets tangled easily and is prone to be dull with split ends. Such hair also has the possibility of dandruff infection.

02. Hair of People with Pitta Constitution

The hair of people with predominantly pitta type of constitution is generally brown, blonde, light, fine and silky. People with pitta constitution face problems like premature graying of hair and premature baldness. Such hair with a dominance of pitta tends to become oily particularly in hot and dry weather. This situation also leads to the dullness of hair.

03. Hair of People with Kapha Constitution

The hair of people with predominantly kapha type of constitution are generally dark or light, thick, heavy, wavy, and slightly oily. The hair of people with kapha constitution is lustrous.

Preventing Hair Loss through Ayurveda:-

Don’t worry much for Hairfall, we bring to you Natural Therapies that you can implement daily and weekly to reduce hair fall.

Treatment Offers:-

01. Panchkarma Therapies

Panchakarma Therapies are physical therapies described below which correspond to the body’s own natural cleansing functions. Normally, the body can cleanse itself without assistance.

It mainly include:-

  1. Nasya Karma
  2. Virechana Karma
  3. Raktamokshana
  4. Sthanik udwertana
  5. Abhyang and Swedana
  6. Shirodhara
  7. Talapodichil
  8. Lepa chikitsa

Naturopathy Therapy:-

  1. Hot and cold Fomentation
  2. Mud Therapy
  3. Enema

Other Therapy Offer:-

  1. Meditation
  2. Pranayama
  3. Yoga
  4. Exercise
  5. Diet
  6. Life Style Modification

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