Color Therapy

The use of Color as a Therapy is a truly holistic, non-invasive and powerful therapy which dates back thousands of years evidence of this can be found in ancient texts from India, China and Egypt. Color is simply light of varying wavelengths and, as such, is a form of energy that is used in Color Therapy.

This light energy affects all living cells (as we all know, without light all living things are affected). Used in the right way, these different frequencies of light, i.e. color, can have a profound and healing effect on all creation, human or otherwise. It is a well know scientific fact that everything has a vibration that is to say that all things have their own vibration/frequency, and that includes US!

What it can be used for

Color Therapy can be used for any problem whether, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual for specific problems as well as an overall relaxation therapy.

Color Therapy can be used safely and effectively - either alone or alongside any other therapy, whether complementary or orthodox medicine - for adults, children, babies and non-human animals alike. (However, no complementary therapy should ever be considered as an alternative to orthodox medical advice.)

Color energy can be the catalyst for our healing process and encourages normal and healthy workings of the body. Color Therapy should not be something you just go to a therapist to 'have done to you'. Color is everywhere and should be utilized as part of our everyday life. A professional Color Therapist can explain and advise you on how you can use color at home for health and wellbeing.

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