Choosing Ayurvedic Doctors For Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi Is Easier Than You Think

by Sevadham Plus | Category Ayurvedic | Jan 15th, 2018


Hair loss is unpleasant, to say the last. It affects not only your looks but your self-confidence as well. Hair fall affects both men and in women, and although it usually happens later in life, it is not uncommon that young people have this problem as well. Modern way of life and various internal as well as external factors influence our well-being, or rather the lack of it.

What causes hair loss?
Stress, pollution, poor eating habits, hormonal imbalances and genetics are the five main culprits. Other, more specific factors may include: severe illness, rapid weight loss, pregnancy, severe dandruff, travelling too often, anxiety, irregular sleeping and eating cycles, eating foods that are too cold, hot, spicy or soaked in oil, eating too many sweets, consuming foods high in fat and sugar, consuming too much alcohol and cigarettes, pulling your hair too tightly on a daily day, wearing uncomfortable hairstyles or using too many chemicals (gels, hair sprays, dye, bleach) that damage the hair follicles, or even drinking or washing your hair with polluted water.

Sometimes it is the combination of these factors, sometimes just one or two. Either way, in many cases hair fall is avoidable and even reversible. The answer lies in Ayurvedic medicine.

How Ayurveda can help
There has been extensive research on the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine for reducing and reversing hair fall, which is why Ayurvedic practitioners at our centre in Delhi are able to determine the cause of it and act accordingly.

Namely, Ayurveda teaches us that body type and hair type are inextricably connected, and there are three categories of hair/body types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Every hair type has its own set of features, and obviously there can be multiple reasons for hair fall which may vary from person to person.

Ayurveda will help you identify the underlying reason of hair fall, which if the first and the most important step in tackling the problem in the long term. Once we’ve established the source of the problem, we come up with a personalized solution that usually includes some lifestyle changes as well as herbs.

If you are looking for a reputable hair fall treatment in Delhi - you’ve come to the right spot. We can help you reclaim your hair and your self-confidence - naturally!


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