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Back pain is one of the most common disorder today. It is a chronic condition characterized by a persistent dull or sharp pain over the lower back. It may be also associated with burning, stiffness, numbness or tingling with the pain shooting down the buttocks and the legs.

Survey indicates that 70 per cent of the people suffer from low back pain at some time in their lives. The highest rate of back pain occurs among the 25 to 64 year age group. The incidence of low back pain is greater among women.

Not all people will experience back pain. We all have suffered a back pain at some point, and usually we tend to just ignore it or rest for a while to help ease the pain.

For most people with low back pain is the initial symptom. This pain may last for a few days, and then improve. It is often followed by the eventual onset of leg pain, numbness, or weakness ultimately leads to Slipped Disc.

The Main Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is seen from a mechanical perspective such as :

  1. Strained muscles and ligaments
  2. Lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle
  3. Prolonged or frequent bending
  4. Ruptured disk in the spine, bulging disk, sciatica due to herniated disk pressing on a nerve, arthritis, abnormal curvature of the spine
  5. Poor posture or slouched sitting
  6. Sitting or standing for long hours
  7. Sleeping on mattress that does not provide full support
  8. Wrong/poor footwear & many more factors

Most Common Symptoms of Back Pain Neglected By Peoples Are :

  1. Persistent back pain which doesn't go away with rest
  2. Pain radiating to the legs / below the knee
  3. A recent injury, blow or trauma to your back
  4. Difficulty performing daily tasks
  5. Inflammation (swelling) on the back
  6. Pain down the legs
  7. Pain reaches below the knees
  8. A recent injury, blow or trauma to your back
  9. Urinary incontinence - you pee unintentionally (even small amounts)
  10. Difficulty urinating - passing urine is hard
  11. Fecal incontinence - you lose your bowel control (you poo unintentionally)
  12. Numbness around the genitals
  13. Numbness around the anus

Ayurveda for Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is known as Kateegraham in ayurveda. It is assumed to arise out of vata dosha and imperfect digestion. Toxins in the body can also cause back pain.

Ayurveda addresses back pain in a different way. Patients may be given mahayograja guggul for treatment of spinal issues. If back pain causes weakness in arms and legs then patients should consume ekangveer rasa tablet along with mahayograj guggul for a week. Then they must massage their back with mahamashataila. Mahanarayan oil massage may be given to the patient for 10 days along with steam bath.

Those with back pain usually have vata dosha. If it gets cold their pain increases sosuch patients with vata dosha must stay warm and wear warm clothing in winter. They must also eat warm foods and avoid spicy foods as well as frozen foods.

If you have back pain then it will be beneficial for you to practice padahastasan yoga every day in the morning. This reduces vata dosha and eliminates constipation. After this practise anuloma-viloma for 10 minutes at least.

Those with back pain will find that preparing an infusion of ajwain with jeera and ginger and drinking it regularly will bring relief.

The Top 5 Natural remedies for Back Pain

Natural remedies that one can try out include:

  1. Reduce weight, especially around the middle. Imbalance in weight places a strain on the spin and muscles.
  2. Sit in a hot water tub for 10 minutes. Make the water as hot as you can and add some salt to it.
  3. Use hot and cold compresses. First apply massage oil which can be sesame oil or mustard oil. You can add herbs to it to increase efficacy, boil the oil and cool and strain it. Always use warmed oil and massage entire lower back.
  4. Consume higher amount of ginger and garlic.
  5. When you sit, keep your spin erect and always give it support by placing pillow behind your lower back

Top 10 Therapies Commonly Used For Back Pain Relief Are :

  1. Abhyangam
  2. kati basti
  3. Pizhichil
  4. Sneha basti
  5. Kashaya basti
  6. Upanaha or medicinal poultice
  7. Dhanyamla dhara or pouring of fermented medicated liquid
  8. Patra potli sweda
  9. Navara kizhi
  10. Marma chikitsa

Other way to treat Back Pain Are:

In Acupuncture & Acupressure, it is reffered that there are certain potent points present on our body. Stimulating those potent points will help in healing any acute or chronic Back Pain. Therefore one can stimulate at the following mentioned points to heal Back Pain.

  1. UB-23
  2. UB-25
  3. UB-27
  4. DU-2
  5. DU-4
  6. GB-30
  7. UB-57
  8. Li-11
  9. Li-4

One can stimulate at the above mentioned points. Stimulation can be done on own at home.

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