Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss

by Sevadham Plus | Category Ayurveda | May 26, 2018


Weight loss has caused people to move from one Ayurvedic hospital to another as they try to find a permanent solution. Conventional medicine has not put much emphasis on weight loss although obesity is among the leading causes of disease and mortality, especially in advanced nations. Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss seems to work because it is a natural way of dealing with the problem. The most effective way of reducing weight is by cutting on the dietary carbohydrates and fat and doing exercise on a regular basis.

Exercise alone cannot address the issue of weight if you continue eating excess fat which ends up being stored in the body. The other issue about weight that most people seem not to know is that oedema is a factor in weight. Excess fluid accumulation in the body due to disease or too much salt intake leads to increased weight. Reduction in salt intake in such cases will, therefore, lead to a reduction in weight.

Medicines that have been used for weight loss in Ayurveda include Gymnema, guggul, and ginger. Any Ayurvedic doctor will confirm to you that ginger is a spice that reduces weight. It acts through a control of the oxidation of fatty acids in the body. The phytochemicals found in ginger do this and eventually, the individual will lose weight. The accumulation of fat is reduced and the blood cholesterol is also controlled within normal ranges. The great thing about ginger and the other Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss is that they reduce weight without leading to adverse events or toxicities in the body.

Guggul is a resin from myrrh that removes excess fat from the body. It has been illustratively known to kill fat. This pack of medicine comes with added advantages in that it is an anti-inflammatory formulation and a booster of immunity. People with arthritis, gout, skin disease and diabetes should use such an Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss.

Gymnema is another herbal therapy for weight loss. This one works by reducing sugars in the blood and it is clear from the outset that it has a benefit in diabetics. Excess sugars in the blood end up being deposited in the liver and other glucose stores which lead to obesity. Reducing sugar in the blood is, therefore, a good way to reduce both insulin resistance and the risk of obesity.

There are some Ayurvedic herbs that assist in weight loss. They may not act directly on the sugar and fat stores but they are useful in ensuring successful and sustained weight loss. They include:

Aloe vera- this is a drug that treats many ailments. Additionally, it has profound benefits in weight loss.

Curry leaves and powder- this is a mix of many herbs including cumin, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric, and more substances which act cumulatively to reduce weight. Estrogen, which causes fat accumulation, is affected by the use of this ayurvedic medicine formulation.

Mint- also known as Pudinah, it works at the level of the gallbladder. It stimulates the gallbladder to release bile into the intestines when one has taken a meal. Fat digestion depends on the bile salts and this means that less will accumulate in the body and cause weight gain.

Other than the above medicines, we practice the best ever Ayurvedic treatment and therapies for weight loss at our oldest Ayurvedic hospital in Delhi since 1994.


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