Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

by Sevadham Plus | Category Ayurveda | May 30, 2018


Diabetes and its complications were commonly referred to as Prameha in the early texts of Ayurveda. For it to be discovered, diabetes patients had recurrent urinary issues including the presence of sugar and increase in the frequency of micturition. Diabetes was classified according to factors such as whether the patient was lean or obese. In Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, the causes have an important relationship with the remedy. The factors that cause diabetes are:

  • Overeating- excessive consumption of food especially those with a lot of fat.
  • Oversleeping- too much indulgence in sleep is another factor.
  • Sedentary living and general laziness.

From the factors that predispose one to get diabetes, it is clear that avoiding them will be the first step in combating the disease. Purification needs to be done using therapies like panchakarma before one gets to use the remedies for diabetes. Obese people will need this purification while lean people will be subjected to nourishing therapies in the preliminary stages of treatment. The next stage is usually to take Ayurvedic medicines which include Saptarangi, Haridra, and Nimba. While the list of herbal medicines is endless, they need to be taken in correct formulations for maximum efficacy.

Saptarangi- Salacia Oblonga

The Salacia oblonga is very effective in obese people who have diabetes type 2. This medicine will not only reduce the blood sugar levels, but it will also deal with high cholesterol levels as well as prevent diabetic complications like retinopathy. This drug acts through a glucosidase inhibition pathway that eventually leads to reduced absorption of unnecessary glucose into the blood. It binds to the enzymes responsible for digesting carbohydrates in the gut and prevents them from availing too much glucose in the intestinal brush border.

Nimba- organic neem

The neem plant is known for its multiple effects in dealing with many febrile illnesses. When it comes to diabetes, it is both a purifier of the blood and an anti-inflammatory. This is an important drug that prevents most of the diabetic complications which actually cause morbidity and mortality in the patient. It also helps in treating diabetics using its antibiotic properties which will reduce bacterial infections in the patient. Infections tend to affect the diabetic patient because diabetes leads to immune suppression. Neem is also a tonic and is good for wound healing, a problem that is common in diabetics.

Haridra- Turmeric

Diabetes is a chronic illness that makes the individual weak. Turmeric helps in such conditions of chronic illnesses by improving digestion and helping address the issue of weight loss in diabetic individuals. New blood tissue formation is enhanced by this drug so that the body is able to fight infections.

Others include Jamun seeds which may help in diabetes type 1 since it has an effect on the pancreas. Cinnamon powder is a natural medicine that reduces insulin resistance in the body and hence prevents progression of the disease. When using these Ayurvedic solutions to diabetes, the blood sugar should be monitored to avoid hypoglycemia.

There is a huge role of diet and exercise in Ayurveda when treating diabetes. Essential fatty acids which are found in fish, avocado, eggs, and flaxseed are good for reducing insulin resistance. Seva-Dham Plus is an oldest Ayurvedic centre in Delhi since 1994 that will give you a comprehensive Ayurvedic therapy guide. Learn more about diabetes here.



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